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Customer Care

After care of Laminate Countertops 

Cleaning your laminate countertops should be done with a damp cloth and mild antibacterial dish soap. Dry the laminate countertops afterwards to avoid pooling water on the surface. Do not allow water to pool on countertops, especially near the seams. Laminate countertops are fabricated onto particle board, which will swell if in contact with heat and/or water. Never use abrasive cleaners on your countertops. Scrubbing sponges and pot scrubber pads will damage the finish. Place ALL hot items on a heat safe surface. Don't allow hot items to sit directly on laminate countertops, this could result in burn marks, melting, and or laminate lifting from the board. The glue used to attatch laminate to particle board is heat activated, therefore it can release when contacted by heat. Avoid cutting directly on laminate countertops. The use of a cutting board is necessary to avoid scrathing and gouging the laminate. 

Aftercare of Solid Surface Countertops

For everyday maintenance of your solid surface wipe with a damp cloth and antibacterial dish soap. Dry with a towel to avoid spotting. Clean with an ammoinia based household product to get rid of basic stains. Zel also sells a product called Countertop Magic that works great on removing basic stains and giving the countertop back its shine after regular cleaning takes its toll. Using abrasive cleaners in not recomended as it will dull the finish of your countertops, especially glossy finished tops. 

Warranty policy & Conditions of sale

All countertops manufactured by Zel will be warranted against manufacturing defects for 5 years from the ship/installation date It is the consumer’s responsibility to check the product for flaws or defects at time of installation or pick-up. If you are not able to be there at the time of installation, we ask that you look over the work and sign off on the job when you come in to pay. Orders placed in the office by a customer with their own measurements will be signed off by the customer. Laminate defects are NOT covered by warranty through our company. Heat, moisture and impact damage are not covered as well as delivery damage. We are not responsible for placing any claims. Keep water away from any seams, we do not warranty laminate lifting at the seam. Do not use abrasive cleaners on laminate surfaces with a textured finish. Antibacterial dish soap and water are the suggested cleaners. Keep in mind when choosing a finish: 07, 52, granite, etchings, gloss, 38 finish will not be guaranteed to leave the shop un scratched. Of course we will do our very best not to damage the laminate but these finishes are not considered high grade and do scratch VERY easily. As well, the glossy finishes can look like they are telegraphing in certain lighting. This is unavoidable and is not guaranteed. Please note that If your order is for a non stock item your install date cannot be guaranteed. There is always the possibility that laminate can be delivered damaged and result in us having to re-order the material.

Regarding Installation

Please have all lower cupboards emptied out before the day of installation. Have your sink un –hooked and removed from the counter, Unless previously discussed having Zel remove it. If we have to remove the sink and the labor was not previously quoted it will be added to your final invoice. Same process applies to removal of the old countertops. We prefer to have someone there at the end of the installation to sign off that the work has been completed and is accepted. Please keep pets in another room we don’t want to step on them, Or have them step on us! The installer can take payment for the work (cheque only) or you may pre-pay at the office anytime before your scheduled install. If you need to cancel your install date for any reason we need at least 42 hours notice or you will be subject to cancellation fees. If we are doing the plumbing there may be extra charges on top of the quote for plumbing parts. This can’t be determined until we are on site.

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