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Lanny Dyck

Lanny began his career at Zel in 1980. He was the very first employee
to ever work at Zel. Twenty-three years and alot of hard work later, he bought the company and made it his own. Today he works even harder and has an amazing knowledge of the buisness. He always takes the time to meet with customers and does all the final measuring at the jobsites. When hes not hard at work you might find him working on his cars or spending time with his granddaughters.

Brandie Allan
Office Manager

Brandie has a passion unlike any other in the buisness. She may have got that from her father (Lanny). When she was young she would come to the shop to count samples and sweep floors, Then so it began, through her teens she worked in the factory while going to school. Now with 7 years experience managing the office, she has seen it all. Brandie is also the main artist of the designer glass products available through Zel. 

Brent Allan
Production Manager

Brent started working at Zel in 2007. His great work ethic and determination was recognized from day one. Lanny took him under his wing not only as an employee but as a son. Now, having learned all he knows from the best, he confidently guides production in the factory, while producing product himself. Truely caring for the company and its valued customers, Brent spends alot of his free time helping out by doing Installations after hours.

Krystal Gorges
Senior Sales Associate

Krystal is a very dedicated employee who prides herself in a job well done. She is always helping the customers pick the best products and making sure they want to come back again and again. Her organization skills are fantastic and our customers trust that she will always get the job done right.  She has almost 5 years experience and is one of the reasons Zel is the most friendly place to buy from.

We Support Autism Services of Saskatoon

During the month of April. Donations ( not exceeding $400.00 ) made by customers of zel countertops will be matched by our company. Please tell us of your donations to this worthy organization. 



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