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We import granite from various locations around the world. Our goal as an importer is to have great quality materials that fit the needs of every customer. From high end designer needs to your average kitchen reno, we have suitable material for all. Granite has many pros as a surface material. You can put pots straight from the stove onto it and never have to worry about burning your countertop. There is no other surface that allows that type of freedom. Our favorite pro to granite is, well, it's STUNNING!! How can you not love the intriguing designs and unpredictable marks of nature. Unlike quartz, no 2 granite slabs are ever the same. They will be similar in color and design but like an original art work they are truly unique. Granite is a very hard surface, but don't go swinging your hammer just yet. It is possible to chip granite with the proper force and hard material, but as long as your not practicing your batting swing in the kitchen you should be just fine. We have a large indoor selection of granite to pick from to keep you comfortable while shopping in any season. You just have to come see our beautiful stone selection. 

Half Bullnose

This edge offers a rounded top that squares off at the bottom edge.


This edge is a 1/8" radius at the top and bottom edge.


This edge offers just a slight sanded top and bottom edge to offer the most square profile possible without a sharp edge.


Bevel edge is a 1/4" angle on the top edge.

2018-12-17 (1).png
2018-12-17 (2).png
2018-12-17 (3).png

GRANITE edge profiles

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