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Quartz products are a great product for the customer looking for a no hassle, maintenance free top. Unlike Granite that has to be sealed annually, quartz will never need more than your day to day cleaning. We have a wide selection of brands and colors available. Quartz is a man made product that has consistency in its patterns and for some designs that is just what the doctor ordered. Pricing is a small step up from granite but you wont regret it. We would love to show you our wide selection of samples and find the perfect countertop for your space. 

Half Bullnose

This edge offers a rounded top that squares off at the bottom edge.


This edge is a 1/8" radius at the top and bottom edge.


This edge offers just a slight sanded top and bottom edge to offer the most square profile possible without a sharp edge.


Bevel edge is a 1/4" angle on the top edge.

2018-12-17 (1).png
2018-12-17 (2).png
2018-12-17 (3).png

quartz edge profiles

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